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Animation and illustrational  work by Mette Ilene Holmriis


During the last few years I have been working on several projects. Here you can watch some of the films I have been working on. 


Offizieller deutscher Teaser Trailer | Ab 21. Juli 2016 im Kino!








Little Fox Animal Doctor

Little Fox Animal Doctor is the first 3D-App by Oscar-nominated artist Heidi Wittlinger. She is also the creative genius behind Nighty Night, Little Fox Music Box and Nighty Night Circus.






James – All I'm Saying (official music video)

Director: Péter Vácz
Producer: Sam Hope
Produced by: Picasso Pictures
Animation: Péter Vácz

Mask skulpting and digital retouch

Don't Text and Drive

Production: Sehsucht Berlin GmbH & Co KG, Berlin/Germany

Petterson und Findus.

Feature film, premiere 2014

BW-Bank Strategie.

Commercial, 2012

Der Mondmann

Feature Film, premiere 2013

Flamingo Pride

Short film, 2012

The Story of the only heterosexual Flamingo in his desperate attempt to find love.


Graduation Film, 2009

An animated short film by: Jeanette Nørgaard, Marie Thorhauge, Marie Jørgensen, Mette Ilene Holmriis
Leitmotif is the story of the last lonely member of a jazz band, only living through his music and the daily visits of a white cat. One day the nostalgia takes over -- and he has a crazy idea.

Space Monkeys

Short film, 2009

School project from The National Film School of Denmark made in 2008. Directed by Jan Rahbek

Rusty Knight

Feature Film, premiere 2013

Knight Rusty is in for the adventure of his life: Just as his dream of winning the big tournament comes true, he is falsely accused of theft. Stripped of his knightly honour and his castle, he sets out to redeem himself and to win back the heart of his damsel.


Commercial, 201


Commersial, 2011


Team Generous for Save the children


2 week project done in 2010 for Red Barnet Denmark, thought out and set in motion by the amazing girls and boys at Nørlum.
It was a real pleasure to be working on this charity piece of work.